We carry out the entire logistic process from the unscreened coffee in farms to our warehouse, located in Carmo do Paranaíba.

After the reseparation, we take care of all logistic operations, retreating empty containers in Santos, and making the stuffing in our own warehouse until the delivery of the sealed containers at the boarding terminal in the port of Santos.

100 thousand bags

Storage capacity

140 thousand bags

Storage capacity for 2019

500 bags per hour

Receiving capacity

800 bags per hour

Receipt capacity for 2019


Standards and classification


Traditional and SCA methodology


Qualified Q Grader



Quality Studio

Created and set to develop a rigorous process of analysis of the quality of our coffees.

We have a highly experienced and capable team to identify the best beans and offer them the best treatment to their final destination.

Green Coffee Services

As important as a successful harvest is to continue the process with excellence.

That is why we have a modern structure prepared to offer the best treatment, potentiating its natural characteristics and preparing them to conquer the best markets and surprise the most demanding palates.

40 thousand bags

Processing capacity

50 thousand bags

Processing capacity for 2019


Blends in silos and storage in big bags