An old passion

What leads a man consolidated in his business to change the route of his vision? Passion is a great answer.



It all begins with the arrival of Antônio Manoel Veloso, first Veloso in this land, grandfather of Paulo Veloso dos Santos.


It was moved by the novelty that coffee presented in the early 70’s that the founder, Antônio Veloso dos Santos initiated the passion that brought together members of succeeding generations. In pursuit of growth and innovation, the third generation of the Veloso Family decided to leave the activities in the grain sector initiated by its founder and began to plant the first coffee plantations, becoming pioneers in the Cerrado Mineiro Region.


More than passion, the predecessor left as a legacy the respect for the land, the search for innovation and the maintenance of the activity as a life purpose for success. With the interest of the sons and the insertion of them in the business, Veloso expanded, much due to the passion of the son Paulo Veloso Júnior, who has a bussines degree and a passion for coffee, his vision of expansion was always directed to the commerce and exportation. Thus, through his vision and his leadership in business, Veloso Green Coffee Export is, in fact, an extension of Veloso that was founded by his father, with a bold market positioning and aligned with the full potential of the coffee produced by the family: capable of breaking national barriers and winning the world due to its incomparable taste and quality. For 25 years, Veloso Green Coffee has become consolidated in the international coffee market, being recognized as a great supplier of quality beans, with consistency and guarantee of origin. In their strategic plan, stand out the continuous investment in differentiation and quality in all the stages of the chain are present in the execution of their businesses. The commitment with the result and with the satisfaction of the customer is also one of the pillars that sustain the tradition and the passion of the family in the world of coffee.


Today, his successor Paulo Veloso and his sons maintain a strong entrepreneurial vision, based on principles such as high quality, food security, diversification, integration, professionalism and strategic partnerships. What has been done is the harvesting of the purposes fully planted in the past, whose intention is to turn seed into the hearts of the following generations.

Founding president Paulo Veloso dos Santos

Executive directorPaulo Veloso Júnior

Member of the boardViviane Veloso

Human resources manageressVirgínia Veloso

Member of the boardHaroldo Barcelos Veloso

International MarketGabriel Veloso

International MarketPaula Veloso

Business Structure

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