Inspired in flowers

Of all the productive process of coffee, this is the most sublime and rare moment. The coffee flowering is the culmination of the satisfaction of a producer, who, among so many aromas, while enjoying the brief visit of the flowers, already feels the harvest that will come later, renewing the energies and reaffirming the link with coffee.

As rare and aromatic as the coffee flowering are the selected coffees of the Florata line. It has dense body and interesting texture, is balanced in their attributes and ha outstanding characteristics in all the stages of the cup.

Delicate acidity mixed with notes of almonds, hazelnuts and dried fruits. It has a long and lasting ending. Perfect for the most demanding palates and also for those who prefer a tasty and balanced coffee.


Coffee balanced on all attributes. Citric acidity.



Outstanding characteristics in all stages of the cup, from hot to cold.

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