Commitment to future generations

Commitment to future generations

Commitment to future generations

When we think about sustainability, we think about our land, think about our people, think about our sustainability and think, especially, who will consume our coffee?


Preservetaion and conscious
use our waters

12 springs and their protected riparian forests

+ 1 billion liters of water storage capacity in rainy season for use in periods of shortages, conserving natural resources

5 million liters of rainwater are captured through a modern system installed on our sheds for reuse.

200 million liters of water are treated and reused in our washer every year.

Our plantations are renewed through drought tolerant varieties, reducing the need for irrigation.

We invest in high technology irrigation through sensors near the roots of the plants, providing water in the right measure.

Preservation and recovery
of native forests

2500 hectares of native forests are preserved

+200 hectares of forests were recovered, including riparian forests that protect streams and rivers

150 hectares is the forecast of reforested area for the next years

Biodigestor and organic

Sustainable use
of natural resources

300,000 watts of energy produced per hour through biodigester.

15 thousand tons of organic fertilizer are applied annually in all production of our farms

6 thousand tons per year of own production.

Our coffee plantations are renewed using varieties that are tolerant to pests and diseases, avoiding the use of chemicals.


Digital inclusion project

An initiative of the Veloso Group in conjunction with the Nova Suíça and Paraíso farms, with the aim of bringing the underprivileged children of Carmo do Paranaíba and region knowledge in the area of information technology, preparing them for the present and creating a future perspective positive.


  • Creation of a computer room in the school Dr. Júlio Couto
  • Inclusion of the computer class in the curriculum of the children, recognized by the City Hall and Department of Education.
  • Complete classroom design with furniture, 10 full computers and 2 printers.
  • Hiring a teacher and drawing up all the learning material
  • 3 lessons per week, 84 hours per month
  • Approximately 230 children benefited through the project.


Project environmetal education

Started in 2012, this project aims to promote awareness among children about the importance of caring for nature and our resources through environmental education and preservation activities.

Together with schools in the municipality of Carmo do Paranaíba, groups of children participated in the recovery of degraded areas and in the maintenance of permanent preservation forests, planting trees native of the Cerrado Mineiro.


  • More than 1600 planted native trees
  • Increase of 1.5 hectares of preserved area
  • 70 children from the Leôncio Ferreira de Melo school participated in the project
  • 60 Veloso Group employees involved
  • Constant preservation activities, in addition to environmental education classes that are held with the children.
  • Promotion of educational events such as ecological trail, organic fertilization and World Water Day